Acoustic Based Tracking

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Harder than it Looks!

Years of research led to proprietary algorithms that provide precise tracking in crowded, real-world environments.

Developed at UT-Austin

Acoustic based tracking using native microphones and speakers covered by US and International patents.

Native Equipment

Acoustic based approach uses the smart device’s existing microphone and speakers and can be integrated with a software update.

Advanced Signal Processing

The heart of the innovation lies in the signal processing algorithms that take advantage of unique aspects of the acoustic signals to provide accurate 2D tracking.


Millimeter level tracking accuracy allows for touch-like control for smart devices without the touch and keeps the interface users are familiar with.


Tracking algorithm locks on to the controlling hand even in noisy, crowded environments and is tracking is still available while playing music from the speaker.

Low Power

Managed duty cycle of the microphone and speaker limits the battery drain enabling normal daily use of the smart device.

Privacy Guaranteed

The acoustic band used above the human range of speaking and hearing so no voice communications can possibly be recorded.

AetherTouch Acoustic User Interface
  • Tracking accuracy: <1mm
  • Range: 15' for mobile devices; longer for smart TVs
  • Field of effectiveness: 150 degrees
  • Power: Average 1-2% of battery for every hour of use
  • Cost: $0, no additional hardware needed for smart devices
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