Leadership Team

The AetherTouch technology originated in the lab of Professor Lili Qiu at the Computer Science Department at the School of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin. Driven by professor Qiu, the AetherTouch team comprises of computer scientists with rich experience in wireless systems, signal processing, and mobile technologies.

Board of Directors
Lili Qiu - AetherTouch Founder & Board Member

Lili Qiu is the Founder and a Board Member of AetherTouch and a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin.

Lili Qiu, PhD
Founder & Board Member
Travis Blake, PhD - Board Member - AetherTouch - Kairos Ventures

Travis Blake is a Board Member and Interim CEO of AetherTouch and a Principal of Physical Sciences at Kairos Ventures.

Travis Blake, PhD
Interim CEO & Board Member
Nikos Iatropoulos - Chairman

Nikos Iatropoulos is the Chairman at AetherTouch and the Regional Partner of Central United States at Kairos Ventures.

Nikos Iatropoulos