Kairos Ventures Invests in AetherTouch

AetherTouch is pleased to announce the completion of a Seed investment by Kairos Ventures. This funding will help AetherTouch expand its vision to add a new dimension to the user interface for today’s mobile and consumer electronics using patented technology developed by Dr. Lili Qiu in the labs at the University of Texas, Austin.

“We are very grateful for the funding from Kairos Ventures, as well as their confidence in our team to be able to bring this exciting innovation to the world.” Dr. Lili Qiu, Founder and AetherTouch CTO

By utilizing the untapped potential of acoustic waves, AetherTouch allows a user to control a smartphone, tablet, computer, and even some larger consumer electronics, by using their hand without touching the screen. This innovation enables a new approach to the user interface and opens a new dimension in the active control of a device. This novel capability is enabled by a simple software upgrade. By using the native hardware already found in these devices, the AetherTouch approach adds this unique capability at no additional hardware cost. Additionally, the use of the acoustic spectrum above the range of human speech ensures that there are no privacy concerns with using this technology.

This technology comes about at a time when our world has the need more than ever before to keep surfaces sanitized and reduce the spread of germs. While the spread of COVID-19 is not highly correlated with surface transfer, it is possible to spread the virus in high-touch areas such as shared smart device screens that are found in many businesses and work locations—unfortunately, even the best efforts at sanitization are not perfect. AetherTouch’s technology can allow these devices to deliver full user capability without touching the screen, leading to a safer world.

Kairos Ventures LogoKairos Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Los Angeles, CA that works closely with sixteen of the world’s leading universities and research institutions to identify and support the commercialization of transformative technologies. Kairos invests in patented scientific advances in life sciences and engineering that have the potential to deliver substantial impact for our world and remarkable returns for our Investors. As part of this investment, Nikos Iatropoulos, Regional Partner for Central US at Kairos Ventures will join AetherTouch as Chairman of the Board, and Travis Blake, Principal of Physical Sciences at Kairos Ventures, will join AetherTouch as Interim CEO and Board Member.