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Kairos Ventures Invests in AetherTouch
AetherTouch is pleased to announce the completion of a Seed investment by Kairos Ventures. This...
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Acoustic-Based Motion Tracking Technology (Video Demo)
In order for new tech like VR and AR to be widely adopted, we need...
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Women Who Tech – 10 Finalists For Fourth Women Startup Challenge
Women Who Tech, a national nonprofit working to break down barriers to women in the...
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Hauoli AetherTouch VR
Tracking Virtual Reality Movements with Sound Instead of Light
AetherTouch (f.k.a Hauoli) is developing a gesture recognition system for virtual reality applications.
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SXSW 2017
SXSW: A Company that Tracks VR Movement with Sound
Virtual Reality is everywhere. Earlier today we met a VR startup that seeks to solve...
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This Company Can Track Motion with Sound Instead of Light
AetherTouch (f.k.a Hauoli), an Austin-based startup is demoing a way to track virtual objects with...
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Women Who Tech Announces 10 Finalists for Women Startup Challenge
Promoting women in tech is no longer just an equalizing effort; being inclusive in tech...
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