Touch Screen Control without the Touch


Touch Level Control by Tracking Your Hand


Available for All of Today's Smart Devices
Accurate Control of a Smart Device without the Touch

The AetherTouch approach is easily integrated into existing smart devices through a software development kit for new applications or directly into the operating system.


<mm level tracking accuracy for control even within crowded environments.


Use the smart device just as you do today, just without the touch.


Uses a frequency that is above the human voice; no chance to record conversations.


Acoustic-based tracking approach using existing smart device microphones and speakers.

New Approach for a New Normal
Upgrade the User Interface for a Smart Device to a Safer Experience

Some aspects of the new normal that we are living with now are likely to remain into the future. This includes the desire to reduce the amount of touch-surfaces that could spread COVID-19, as well as a wider range of illness-causing viruses.

Free Yourself and Gain New Possibilities
New Possibilities for Different Levels of Control for Your Smart Device that Open Doors to Unique Applications

No longer is the user interface for a smart device tied to the physical touching of a screen. The freedom to control the device from inches to feet away unlocks the third dimension to usher in a new set of applications and capabilities.

A Broad Range of Applications
  • AetherTouch - Store Transactions and Mobile Transactions
    Store Transactions & Mobile Transactions

    Touch-free point-of-sales with receipt signature.

  • AetherTouch - Heavy Industry
    Heavy Industry

    Use tablets without removing protective equipment.

  • AetherTouch - Clinics and Home Health Care
    Clinics & Home Health Care

    Use smart devices and medical equipment while maintaining sterile fields.

  • AetherTouch - Emergency Responders
    Emergency Responders

    Be able to use medical equipment without removing sterile gloves.

  • AetherTouch - Skiing and Sports
    Skiing & Other Sports

    Use your smart phone while wearing gloves or with wet hands.

  • AetherTouch - At the Beach
    At the Beach

    Take your devices to the beach with no worries!

  • AetherTouch - Military and Police
    Military & Police

    Control critical equipment without removing protective gloves.

  • AetherTouch - Laboratory and Forensics

    Safer use of smart devices with protective equipment.

Kairos Ventures

Kairos Ventures invests early, often during the formative stages of a company, and work closely with the world’s leading scientists to commercialize their technologies. Depending on the stage of development and the capital requirements of each venture, we make investments between $150,000 and $20 Million. While we are hands-on investors, we also recognize that it is the entrepreneurs’ sweat, hard work and perseverance that will drive the growth of their companies. Hence, we strive to ensure that the founding team, who make the early sacrifices in pursuit of their venture, retain the majority of the ownership in their companies.

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